Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A few little jaunts and plans for the year

Home three weeks today and already hitting the road again....this Friday I am off to Edmonton to visit my sister for the weekend.  She is moving to Toronto in August so this will very well could be my last trip to Edmonton.   So off early early Friday morning and back Tuesday evening.  Airmiles to the rescue once again.  Then back home two days (to work) and then off again on the hound to Lethbridge for the weekend to visit my cousin and family and see my 91 year old uncle.  So the next couple of weeks will be family time which is always enjoyable.

Then a night in Saskatoon as going up to see Neil Diamond.  I have always enjoyed his music and thought why not - am going with a friend from work. 

Then I think...think that is...I will be home until  October.  Of course that would change as well but that is what I am planning on.  I need to do some serious saving for all the plans ahead.

Thanksgiving weekend will see me in Victoria for the Victoria marathon.  I plan to do the half.  Airmiles once again to the rescue.  Sadly my beloved James Bay Inn was not available so am staying at Paul's motor inn.  I just cannot bring myself to stay at the hostel when I need a good night's sleep. I've stayed at the Ocean Island hostel which was interesting....but last time I stayed at the James Bay inn in the James Bay area of Victoria and fell in love.  I love the area and the price was $5 more than a deluxe single room at the hostel.  No comparison!!! 

Home a week and then in mid October I will be flying down to Chicago to dogsit for a friend for a week then take off by train and bus to visit some midwest states and get a few capital cities walked.   I LOVE Chicago so can't wait.  It will be fun to explore it at my leisure and get to hang out with a dog - will really get my doggie fix and can't wait.  Casper is a doll!!!  I plan to be gone about three weeks. 

Then January...oh January...my high hopes are to go to Vietnam and Cambodia.  I am not brave enough to travel around there on my own so have had a tour picked out now for two years.  In fact I had it booked in 2010 and then changed it to Nepal.  I still feel the need to go....if I can't afford that back up plan is for a two week tour to Belize.  I looked into the cost of doing it on my own and decided it would be the same amount to take a tour as I would get to see the great ruins of Tikal in Guatemala so whatever I decide I think it will be a good one. 

I just have to SAVE MONEY.  Not as much eating out or buying 'stuff'.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned!

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