Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Must admit it feels good - the trees have really "come out" since I've left and I can look out from my computer to a canopy of trees.  Love it!!! 

It was a wonderful trip - had so much fun but three weeks away was enough.  For this time anyway....

My flight was an hour late - no explanation or apology...- way to go Air Canada...home by about 11:40 last night and I somehow managed to get to work by 7:45 this morning.   I have to work for the next two days and Monday as well so am hoping for a fairly quiet weekend.  I visited the library and got three books and three DVD's I had on hold and I've got a DVR full of three weeks of Coronation St. as well as a few other favourites.  Ah, life is good!!

With that...back to working on catching up with Corrie.

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