Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ready to fly

Am at the airport in the business centre.  Quebec City airport is boring - I love airports and thought I'd allow a bit of browsing time and have a coffee with two macarons that hopped into my backpack.  Well I can't even find a coffee shop!  Just a restaurant and I don't want that.  Oh well, maybe in Ottawa? 

I slowly walked around the old town and decided to visit the Ursaline Nuns musuem.  For those that know me they are thinking wtf as they know how little I think of the RC church.As I was paying my admission I was thinking what the hell am I doing but I knew it was about educating young womena and I was interested in that.  However it turned out to be okay....I was interested in the schooling end of it.  The nun thing...well wearing a wedding dress because you are married to god is just...well...creepy.  And trust me, it happened - I saw the pictures.  A young gal who worked there told us there was not much choice for women in 18th and 19th century Quebec - either marry, have your husband dominate you and have ten children at least - probably losing a few and possibly your own life in the process.  Or become a nun that gets to teach and learn and well dominated by Mother Superior.  She said she'd become a nun.  Hmmm...not sure on that one.  The school had both postulents and students.  The girls were sent there to make them intelligent and cultured wives - even learning just enough math and science to help them become good household slaves...um..I mean housewives.   They made the schooling sound all rosey and how they were all sad to leave...uh huh.... There was some beautiful embroidery that the nuns did - incredible actually.  Anyway it was interesting in a really strange way. 

Had my baguette sandwich just before the taxi came - oh my it was good...the best I've ever had.  And for dessert a Maple syrup gelato.  The taxi was a bit early actually so it was a bit of panic stations at the end but got here in one piece and through security and here I wait.

Now the vacation is over and I just want to get home.  It's been a great one but can't wait to spend some time on my balcony relaxing and reading, seeing friends, etc. On the happy side my new abode has elevators so no stairs to climb at the end of a long flight with a heavy suitcase.  Yay!!!! 

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