Sunday, June 3, 2012

Surprise! The sun came out!!

Rain was predicted for today so off I went with long pants and my goretex jacket.   I had breakfast at the Atwater market - an apricot danish and a cafe au lait.  As I left I noticed a bit of blue And then the sun quit peeking and came out to play.  So I headed to Old Montreal and took the photos I wished I had been able to take yesterday.  Lots more people out and about of course. Then I decided to visit some neighbourhoods so got off at a few metro stops and walked around and took photos. (okay got lost too - I just cannot find my way around Montreal)  At lunch time I finally found one of the famous bagel shops - Fairmount.  No place to sit and eat inside and nothing but bagels so sat on a bench outside and had my bagel and cream cheese.  I then decided to head for Mount Royal.  There was some kind of bike tour going on and bikes everywhere and horrible music and announcements.  I was going to go further into the park but there were some creepy characters hanging around so I decided to carry on along the main path and ended up downtown via McGill area.  I did get some good shots today - was in a photography mood.  However I am still very very tired. 

Montreal is just not doing it for me and I don't know if it's Montreal or me.  I came back to rest for a little while then went out for dinner - ended up just having a pizza.  Yeah I know..boring.  But that's what I felt like.  I just haven't been sleeping well on this trip - I have learned which university dorms to avoid in future.   It has all caught up with me I think.  

I leave for Quebec City tomorrow but not sure when.  Oh yes I also went and bought my bus ticket which is good for anytime.  I am staying at a real honest to goodness hotel tomorrow night - whoopee.  It is a small hotel with only ten rooms but it looks very nice and is a splurge for me - so not sure how far ahead I can check in/leave my bags.  I was going to rush up early but think I will take a bus later on in the morning and perhaps walk over to the market and have another cafe au lait and naughty thing in the morning.  I plan to do a 5 km walk tomorrow in Quebec- unless I feel energetic and do the 10 km walk. 

Then Tuesday evening I fly home and that sounds good to me.  I can't believe I am saying who loves being on the is so damn sad.  I hope this is tiredness speaking and not old age or that would really really suck. 

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