Sunday, August 19, 2012 I come!

Last Tuesday I went to my travel agent and booked a 13 day Intrepid tour in Cambodia for the 20th of January.  I am awaiting final confirmation from my travel agent.  I will leave the tour in Sinnoukeville on Day 11, stay on for a day or two then journey down the road to Kep where I have booked into the Kep Lodge  for five nights for some R & R.  Back to Phnom Penh for two nights then I fly home.  I plan to be gone about three and a half weeks.  Not my usual month plus vacation but that's okay....more things happening in the Spring. (I hope!!)

This tour is land only as all the tours I've taken lately are.  No flights booked yet but I have a good idea when I am going and with what airline - Air Canada through Seoul comes up the cheapest and I get aeroplan points as well.

I am really excited to explore Cambodia and meet the people - I have heard the people there are wonderful despite all they have been through. I haven't been to South East Asia since 1990...a long time and way overdue.  I had toyed with the idea of going to Phuket and volunteering at the Soi Dog shelter there.  However with the extra cost of flights and accommodation I am better off giving a few more dollars their way.  I really admire their efforts taking care of the street dogs in Thailand.

Now with three trips in the works I have lots to look forward to - and lots to save for!!!

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