Monday, August 6, 2012

Turning 60....

Well I can't believe it's been about six weeks since I've blogged.  Naughty, naughty.   Life is pretty busy these days - am working full time doing relief work for three weeks.  This full time thing blows but I do like the money because we all know what I like to spend it on. :)

Anyway these days I am enjoying the delights of Regina in the summer time - don't laugh, they are great.  I am enjoying my huge balcony very very much.  In fact it is calling me now but I am resisting it's charms..on second thought I guess I could be out there on my, no...I will stay here. 

My training for the QCM half marathon on September 9th is on track - yesterday I did 18km out at Regina Beach.  Yes I've got wheels for the weekend.  I am taking some friends to Moose Jaw this afternoon so hope to do the 10km walk there but we shall see how the body likes that...

I turned 60 almost three weeks ago...I did not go quietly.  I had two parties and two was amazing.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  Good friends, good health, a part time job I enjoy, a nice place to live, close access to my beloved Wascana Park... and of course the opportunity to travel..what more could a gal want?

Both of my parties were English themed - everyone knows me and my obsession with all things English... here are a few pictures...

Some of my loot...I got two of the Union Jack garbage cans and both are filled with tea!!!

Tiramisu at Taste of Tuscany

Girlfriends at the party my friend Kathy threw for me

 My friends at a surprise party thrown for me in late June.   I had NO clue it was happening...or I would have dressed better!  I thought we were going out for Norma's birthday and I decided I was going to walk home from the restaurant to get in my training walk.  They had a good laugh about that one - I could barely walk period after the evening was over!!! 

I would post photos here but am having problems with transferring the zip files...


As if July wasn't busy enough I was away for two weekends in Alberta.  More on that in other posts!!!

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