Sunday, August 12, 2012

Waiting for October!

My favourite place to be in the good weather.
Well time is going quickly and I am enjoying this summer so much.  I spend as much time as I can on my balcony which I absolutely adore.   I just finished a three week stint of full time work but now that is over with.  Now it will be three days a week then next month back to two days a week.  Yippee!!!  I do love summers in Saskatchewan and am keeping busy.  In another post I will spill all on the things I have been up to.

But this is travel news.  I have now finalized all the details on my midwestern trip in October.  I fly down to Chicago on Wednesday October 17th where I will be taking care of my friend's dog Casper from October 20th to 27th.  I will go a couple of days early to get him used to me and spend time with my friends there.  I look forward to lots of doggie walkies, eyeballing the firemen in the fire hall across the street and exploring Chicago at my leisure. Then on Monday the 29th I head off to Springfield, Illinois and do the walk there and visit the Abraham Lincoln museum.  Then on to Jefferson City, Missouri - another walk there.  Oh this is NOT the hound but Amtrak!  Jefferson City is not served by the Greyhound - only train service so decided to do the train the whole way down.  That will be fun for a change.  Then onto St. Louis overnight.  I have been to St. Louis and really liked it and if you can like a city when it is crippled after an ice/snow storm well you know it's true love. :)  I will redo the walk there under hopefully more pleasant circumstances. (ie: not wading through piles of thick slushy snow)  I wish I had more time to spend in St. Louis than just one day but alas it's not to be this time.   I will take the night bus to Frankfort, Kentucky where, yes I will do the walk there.  Do you see a theme here?  Yes except for St. Louis - I am visiting all capital cities.   On to Indianapolis for two nights and then back home.  I was able to get a flight home for just under $200 - I am still in shock.  I will fly home on November 5th.  I am really excited about seeing more of the midwest.  Originally I had hoped to visit Columbus, Ohio and Charleston W.V. but due to finances and time I have decided to forego those for the time being.  But I will get there someday!!!  I am making this 50 state walking thing a lifetime project  - there is no rush.   There are too many other places in the world to explore as well.  Another reason for cutting short this trip - I must have my winter holiday.  But talk about that will have to wait for a while.....

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