Saturday, September 29, 2012

Almost time to hit the road again!

Less than three weeks from now  I will be in Chicago to dogsit Mr. Casper for a week then hit the road exploring the Midwest for 11 days.  Then the piece de resistance...seeing Sir Paul in St. Louis, Missouri.  Yes he suckered me in again.  What can I say...yeah yeah I know I am nuts.  I've known that for a long time but beats having a boring life.  I will be gone for nearly four weeks.  Yeah yeah I know I said I was going to cut the trip down but what could I do?  So now Columbus is back in the that means I can knock off five more state capitals which is good.  Not sure next year will see me in the all but never say never...I've certainly learned that!

Right now the schedule is Chicago for ten days then on to Frankfort, Kentucky overnight, Indianapolis for three nights, Columbus for three nights, Springfield, Illinois for two nights and Jefferson City for one night.  Then meeting up with a friend(s?) in St. Louis for four nights.   I am still finalizing details but I think it is going to be an awesome trip.  I have booked airbnb places in Indianapolis and in Columbus  - don't they look cute?  On the down side they have cats, not dogs but oh well...the price is right!!!  The hosts sound great and it will be fun to meet them.  I am staying in hotels the rest of the time due to lack of hostels in the area - except of course in Chicago where I will be rooming at Terry's place with my buddy Casper.  Bed and breakfasts stateside tend to be Inns which are normally beyond my budget.  Once in a while I will splurge and treat myself to one but I've got too many jaunts planned to do that this time. 

If that wasn't enough Victoria is cancelled and it's now Vancouver at the end of November to see Sir Paul again.  What could I do...a ticket in the 15th row came up and I couldn't say no. Who knows how much longer he will tour and I do love his concerts so much.  Sigh...however I have booked into the YWCA hotel which is right near B.C. Place so the price is right.  I will meet up with a friend or two there, do some walks, have a Murchies tea run as well as so some intensive research on  Purdy's Christmas chocolate and who knows what else. And I will be by the ocean again even if it will probably be a dull gray ocean pelted by rain!!  However the Victoria half is still on my bucket list. 

It's been a fantastic summer.  And the Indian summer just keeps on lasting...needless to say I am loving it.  I've had three super weekend getaways since my last long jaunt so I don't have the 'GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE' feeling I normally have but I am looking forward to having another adventure.  That said I am enjoying being home in late September which is unusual for me.  I love the changing colours and the fall suppers and especially the beautiful weather!!  A walk in the park every day I can manage it and afternoons on my huge balcony with a cup of tea and a book. 

Anyway back to researching my trip!

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