A belly full of pies

Yes my belly is full. I am here I am at the Frankfort public library.  I just came from Rick's WhiteLight Diner which was fun. This place was featured on Diners and Dives on the Food Network.  I had crawfish pie with a side of mashed sweet potatoes. Something different for sure- cajun and not Kentuckian but that is okay. It was different but good....something new to try and put on my "60 new things" list.  There really was not much to it so I had Kentucky bourbon pie for dessert - caramel and pecans infused with Buffalo Trace bourbon with cream on top.Delish.  That is my meal for the day to be sure. (Dena:  pictures to follow!)

This morning I stopped for coffee and a tiny ham biscuit at the same coffee shop as yesterday.  I love it. Then I explored the Frankfort museum which was excellent. For those who care Johnny Depp lived here from age 3 to 10.  "Dreamer" was filmed here. 

It is drizzling out and very chilly.  The space bar on this keyboard is very difficult to push down so it is taking me a long time to do this post.

Next up is a look in the shops again and then back to the hotel to get my luggage. My bus does not leave until 4:30.


Dena said…
Food pics are fabulous as always. Keep them coming!