Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A busy day

What a full day!!!  After breakfast and walkies I headed out - bus and train as usual. While I was waiting for the bus a 30ish fellow said to me "you look just like my aunt".  I thought "huh"?  And then I realized I have a niece who is turning 40 next month and then thought "okay".  It's always a shock to think I am 60 years old as inside I feel like I am in my 20's.  My parents used to tell me that and I would think "yeah right - you're OLD" but it's so true!!  Anyway...  I got off at the Monroe stop and walked over to the Crown fountain on Michigan Avenue.  I can't even begin to describe this Fountain - two screens with faces on that has water running down and once in a while they will "spit" out the water. (missed that this morning)  Really different.  This morning one screen was being cleaned.  

Usually there are children playing in the water but being early morning on a Wednesday it was very quiet - I was the only one wandering around the fountain area as half of it was blocked off. 

Next was Cloudgate - known locally as The Bean. I never get tired of this sculpture and apparently judging from the crowd around it neither does anyone else!!!  You could just keep photographing it from different angles.  I must mention here that I had my small point and shoot with me today as did not want to haul my DSLR with me to the play. 

After crossing the Chicago river I carried on along the part of Michigan Avenue known as the Magnificent Mile due to all the expensive stores. (Cartier to name one)    I then carried on to Lakeshore drive via a tunnel and walked along the lake for a bit.  Next up I walked through a bit of Lincoln Park and came across a Green market.  By this time (it was noon) I was very hungry so had a grilled cheese sandwich made with home baked bread and fresh cheese - delish.  I washed it down with fresh blueberry juice.  I just can't resist a market!!!  And it was so beautiful out why sit in a restaurant? 

The day was fantastic - about 80 degrees which was about 20 degrees above normal. 

I walked all the way to the Apollo theatre on North Lincoln Avenue.  I am so glad I had lunch in the park as there was nothing in the area that appealed to me.  Not even a coffee shop in sight!!!  There was supposed to be a scarecrow display along Clark Avenue but I didn't see anything.

I went into a cafe and had an iced coke - I was mighty thirsty and made myself presentable - I was pretty sweaty and wind blown after a three hour walk!!  I picked up my ticket which turned out to be front row on the side - I guess Goldstar is a really good place to get half price tix from so I was told.  I ordered a glass of wine which went down mighty fine.

The show, Million Dollar Quartet was absolutely fantastic.  Based on the night of December 4, 1956 when Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis were all together at Sun Records.  Obviously they took a bit of poetic license but the music was fantastic.  I was sitting right beside the piano and the actor who played Jerry Lee Lewis was wild!!!  It was lots of fun and we were all boogying at the end.  I am so glad I went.

Back here on the train and the bus and Casper was very very happy to see me!!!  Dru, the next door neighbour let him out for me which was really kind.  There is no way I could have stayed in town that long otherwise.  Both Dru and her husband were both shocked at how far I had walked!!!  Luckily my foot behaved itself pretty well. 

We had a chat over the fence about an hour ago and we are going to go to a Haunted House near here tomorrow evening.  Her kids used to go to the school.  So that will be fun. 

A wonderful day out!!! 

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