A little bit of history

Today I went to the Chicago History Museum which was so interesting.  I really enjoyed it.  Everything from how it got it's name (French version of the Indian name "shikaakwa" meaning wild leek) to the neighbourhoods of today with everything in between. (the Chicago fire - NOT caused by Mrs. O'Leery's cow,  Al Capone and gang, the riots at the Democratic convention, etc.)  Even the bed that Abraham Lincoln died on !!!  (and I am a ghoul so had to take a picture)  At $14 the price was a bit steep but I really haven't spent much money since I've been here so I did not mind.   I got "peckish" while there as I did not have much of anything for breakfast so I had a goat cheese and pepper omelette with o'brien potatoes with peppers.  Very good even if I was burping up peppers for the rest of the afternoon.  I had read the cafe there is good and quite reasonable and it was both. 

I took the bus, the subway and the bus to get there...it was kind of fun as got off the "l" train at Western which is an elevated track.  Like you see in ER. :)  I followed the same route home.  At Western Avenue there was a candy store so I popped in but my oh my it was like a flashback to the 50's.  Not much candy for sale at all - mainly collectibles and then a soda fountain where you could order sundaes, etc.  I must admit the Sundaes that went past me to the only customers there looked mighty good but was not in the mood for that so carried on. 

After I visited the musuem I walked through the south end of Lincoln Park stopping at the (free) zoo.  I got to see the 12 day old gorilla although it's mom had it pretty well hidden - you could see it's little head now and again but it was sleeping.  I didn't spend too long there although it was pleasant not to have the place filled with screaming children I must admit.  Saw a baby zebra bouncing around as well  it kept running around in circles in between it's parents.  I could almost see them rolling their eyes!!!  My foot was bothering me sadly so did not want to walk too far.  As I got to the bus stop the rain started and it was really hammering down when I got off the bus here.  One of those days with rain on and off. 

Tomorrow afternoon is the show and I hope to go into town in the morning and do a bit of wandering if the weather is good.  I will check the forecast and if it looks good I will phone the neighbour and see if they will let Casper out for me.  I do plan to treat myself to a nice lunch.   

Well looks like the rain has stopped so guess it's time for Casper's second walk of the day.