SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!  AND DOUBLE SHIT!!!  And no apologies for my language either.  I MISSED MY BUS!!!   My taxi was late - well it never showed up.  I asked the gal at the desk today when I should order my taxi and she said 4 p.m. as it "only takes a minute".  I ordered it at 3:45 and it still hadn't shown up at 4:25 - my bus left at 4:30!!!   I figured even with a five minute drive or so I would still probably miss it and have the cost of a taxi there and back. The gal at the desk (a different one) kept phoning for me and was so sweet about it.  She kept apologizing - I said it's not your fault.  I would have taken the bus except for the rain.  So now I am stuck in Kentucky another night!!!  There is no bus until the same time tomorrow.  Sure I could bus it to Louisville tomorrow morning but there are no lockers at the bus depot in Lousville so I would be trapped there all day. 

And get this...turns out I should have booked the taxi last night.  There are two taxi companies here and both are owned by the same people and they only have a few cars.  I booked my taxi for 3:30 tomorrow but if it's not raining I will take the damn bus for 25 cents. (and if I was being a real bitch I wouldn't cancel - but I'm not so I will)  Cost saving measures are in order.  Me, the anal control freak when it comes to being on time and I have never missed a bus, train, etc. in my life until now.  I am totally freaking out about this - in case you couldn't tell!!!  I trusted someone's advice (you would think a hotel desk clerk would know these things) and it has cost me dearly.

So here I am back at the hotel - she gave it to me for the cheapest rate and am in a different part of the hotel (same floor) with a view of the state capital, etc.  Make lemons out of lemonade Laurie you can see the Kentucky museum and if the damn rain stops walk down and tour the bourbon distillery.  There is some event on tonight I remember thinking I would miss so will look that up.  But only a day in Indianapolis so upset over that. I am not sure I can complete an 11 km walk in one day with my foot and there are other things I wanted to do.  It will be a very busy day.  Luckily my bus does not leave until 1 p.m. on Friday so have the morning to do something. 

I phoned Chris, my airbnb host in Indianapolis and he was so understanding and sweet over it and is going to try and get me a partial refund for tonight. 

I could have taken a taxi to Louisville (where I change taxis) for $120 but no damn way would I give that company that much money.  Plus I now have to buy a new bus ticket as mine was only good for yesterday.  Will see if I can change it......oh goodie a chance to talk to the morons at Greyhound...

I think I need a shot of that Kentucky bourbon to calm me down.