Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful day by the lake

What a fab day!  After breakfast I took Casper for a walk and then took off for downtown.  Just missed my bus so took the opportunity to get a bottle of water while waiting for the next one.  Once I got to Jefferson Park station luckily I didn't have to wait long for the subway to take me downtown.  As I was walking to the hostel to start the walk I saw a Garrett's popcorn store so popped in to buy some Chicago blend - caramel popcorn and cheese popcorn together in a bag.  Delish!  I had it last year and loved it.  I signed in for the 11 km Lake Front walk then headed off.  As I was crossing Michigan Avenue I kept seeing all these people with the coolest medals. (monster heads!)  Turns out there was a "monster dash" today.   It ws a 5, 7, 10 k and a half marathon.  I'd have loved to have done the 5 k anyway.  Oh well.   Anyway I walked over to the Field museum and Planetarium and started my walk north along Lake Michigan.  What a beautiful day!  Sunshine and in the mid 60's.  The views were amazing - Chicago really does have a beautiful skyline.  It blow me away every time I am here. 

Anyway I carried on walking - stopping every once in a while to dig into my bag of popcorn. :)  It was funny as I saw a girl taking a picture of the skyline with a stuffed mouse in the picture.  I remembered I had Monty the Greyhound with me and pulled him out and said to the girl here's mine!  Well she had to have Monty in the picture with her mouse.  Ha, ha.  Glad to know there are other nut cases around like me. 


I cannot believe how beautiful the weather was for the 21st of October - it was unseasonably warm according to the weather news here.  I was down to short sleeves and wishing I had worn my capri pants. (yes I brought a pair along!) The walk carries on by the Chicago Yacht club and on to Navy Pier.  All by gorgeous Lake Michigan.  Navy Pier is where I ended the walk as I knew I wanted to look around and explore. Poor Casper could only wait so long!!!  (as it is he lasted nearly 7 hours)  There was a petting zoo for the Hallowe'en festival so I had to stop and look at the animals of course.  I walked to the end of the pier and then on the way back I decided to go on the ferris wheel.  Being as it wasn't crowded I got to have a cart all to myself which was great.  The view was amazing!!!  I knew this was a good day to get be by the lake so I am so glad I did this.  Showers are called for the rest of the week. Before I left I had a loaded Chicago hot 

I finally located a subway station after asking a few people and transferred to the blue line and then had quite a long wait to get the bus back here.  Casper was very very happy to see me!!  We went for a 25 minute walk when I got home which he enjoyed immensely. 

A quiet evening coming up watching the third Harry Potter movie and cuddling Mr. Casper. 

I plan to do the rest of the walk another day and combine it with exploring the Gold Coast area as well. 

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