Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bourbon calms!!!

I went down to the bar and ordered a bourbon on ice which is the recommended way.  The bartender told me I could take it up to my room (did he see the desparate look in my eyes and he didn't want a brawl in the bar?) up I came.  Bourbon on it's own?  Not so good.  So I went down to the vending  machine and got a coke and it's going down very nicely thank you.  Another thing to go on my "60 new things" list...

I am trying to look at the positive but man oh man Thursday in Indianapolis I will need roller skates to do everything I want to do....hopefully the walk goes by some of the places.  I do want to visit the history museum there as well.  I love learning more about the places I visit. 

One week from today is the election.  I am getting way too involved.  Guess what side I am on?  Let's ee...I believe in freedom of choice, planned parenthood, affordable healthcare, hate religion being involved with politics.  (I hate religion period but that's another post), am pro marriage for everyone no matter what your sexual orientation...well I could go on.

Anyway here are some pictures from my wanderings around Frankfort - I will try to label but for some reason the labelling feature on blogger does not show up on my netbook.  No clue why....

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