Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Morning from is this Groundhog day!

Well this should have been Good Morning from Indianapolis but oh well... Anyway I just phoned Miller Trailways which does the Frankfort to Louisville portion and the fellow told me I can use the same ticket on both portions of the trip.  So that's good news...if it's true.  Can you tell I am cynical? I can see Miller trailways accepting it but Greyhound is a different story. 

I also have to double check the times for the local bus - I will probably be hanging out way too long outside the Walmart Super Centre but oh well.  Rather be there early than a repeat of yesterday.  The rain is due to stop around 3 p.m.....

I emailed my host in Columbus about my reservation for the weekend and if I get off at the university I can get a free university residence bus that stops a block from their house - works for me!!!  I hate taking taxis.  I am excited to try Megabus. 

No reminders of my glass of bourbon last night so that's good. :)  I slept very well thank you!!!

I guess next up is a shower, breakfast downstairs, store my luggage and off to the Kentucky history centre. 

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