Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hallowe'en party at Wicker Park

I couldn't decide what to do today but decided I wanted to do something a bit different. I found a self guided walking tour of Wicker Park (a neighbourhood in Chicago) on So off I went on the bus and "l" train - luckily it was on the blue line which is the line from this area.   I started off on the walk and first stop was Wicker Park (the local park)  - lots of activity!!  It turns out they were having a Hallowe'en party complete with costume parade for kiddies and an hour later one for dogs!!  Well you know which one I preferred!  The kids one was fun too though - the kids were in costumes which made them cute and I didn't have to interact with them, just take photos - even better.

In between the two "parades" (which consisted of walking around the fountain a couple of times) I walked around the area and saw some fabulous mansions.  This area was settled by European immigrants - wealthy ones built homes here as they were not welcome along the Anglo Saxon enclave of the Gold Coast. (snobs!) 

The "scary" doggie parade was so much fun. 

After that I had lunch at a vegan place called Native - I had an Italian "meatball" sandwich made from seitan with sweet potato fries and a watermelon drink.  All delicious!!! 

I then looked around the shops - I really like this neighbourhood.  Very funky!!!  And guess who I saw?  Elvis!!!  I just saw the jumpsuit and freaked and asked if I could take a photo and they said "wait we'll put on his wig".  He doesn't like walking with his wig on!!!

Took the "l" back to Irving Park Road and popped into the library for a few minutes then back here - Casper's mom is back.  We caught up on all the news and had a spaghetti supper.  A relaxing evening after a wonderful fun filled day. 


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wow love the photos what a hoot

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