Hi from Chicago!

Well here I am in Chicago.  The flight down was good - just two and a half hours direct on United.  I must say though the coffee was the most vile I have ever tasted in my life and I've had some bad coffee in my lifetime.  It tasted burnt and like an electrical fire if that makes sense - horrid.  I could only drink one sip and I nearly spit it out.  Other than that it was great.  Canadians were directed through passport control for Americans and the customs officer asked me "how long have you been out of the country"?  "um four and a half months"...Ha ha!   I said "I'm a Canadian" and she looked shocked but let me through.  I realized I had my return flight info in my suitcase and thought oh crap hope they don't ask me for it but all was well.

Once I was through customs I phoned Gloria to pick me up.  We stopped and got a birthday cake for Terry and then dropped it off and said hi to Casper.  Then off to Red Robin for burgers for lunch.  Back to Terry's where we sat outside for a bit until it started cooling off.  Then rain!!!  We sat and visited and Casper sat on my lap.  We got along really well - what a sweetie.  Then he started humping my leg...over and over again - he would not stop.  Gloria and I were hysterical with laughter.  It went on and on - I thought he would be worn out.  Geesh!!!  Oh well what can I say when you've got it you've got it.  I think we are going to get along just fine - as long as this humping thing isn't a nightly thing. :)

Terry came home and we had ribs for supper which were delish and also birthday cake.  The birthday cake was Captain Sparrow - Terry is a Johnny Depp fan!!!  A fun little party. Now I am sitting here listening to the rain pouring - hope it smartens up. 

I will be having lots of left over ribs on Saturday!!!  (tomorrow is spaghetti and Friday is deep dish pizza...lucky I am doing lots of walking on this trip!) 

Tomorrow is grocery day and getting to know Casper more. 


judi said…
hello, thinking of you and hoping it goes well ......love the photos from India