Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi y'all from Kentucky

Well I survived the over night bus trip - actually the bus trip itself was fine.  I dozed off a bit and we moved ahead an hour to eastern time which helped.  I had a three hour layover in Louisville but could not go out for breakfast nor do a short walk as I had planned as no lockers for my luggage and it was pitch dark when we arrived.  I did not want to be wandering around with all my luggage in an area I didn't know.  So I had breakfast at the bus depot which was okay but it was a long wait.  An hour bus ride and I was here in Frankfort.  My longest bus trip this time around is over. 

The bus stopped at Walmart at the same place as the local bus and how lucky is this - right before the once an hour local bus was due.  So for 25 cents (yes, I nearly fainted too)  I got dropped a block away from the hotel!  The hotel I am in is very nice - well nice for my standards.:)  It has a king sized bed  and I have a lovely view of the river and park.  Unfortunately the weather is not good...but better than the east coast.  According to the news this area is being affected by Sandy too.  It is very cold and windy and showered on and off. (mainly off)  Tomorrow it will rain so I have chosen in door things to do.

Today I did the 6 km walk and explored the State capital.  Frankfort is a nice little city with beautiful old buildings and lots of history.  Sadly the history musuem is closed today and tomorrow - I was really disappointed as I was looking forward to visiting it tomorrow.  Anyway the walk was interesting.  I opted to do the shorter route as the longer one took in the cemetery - not really my thing although it would have been neat to have seen Daniel Boone's grave.  If it had been sunny tomorrow I would go but it won't foot is bugging me again and the left one seems to be joining in with sympathy and let's not talk about my knees.  I know it's the change of weather. 

When I started out with the walk I saw The Meeting House which my friend Eilleen told me about.  I didn't have time to tour it (it's a B & B) but I did have a quick lunch there.  I had what's called a Kentucky Hot Brown which was toasted bread covered with ham, turkey, tomato and bacon and slathered in a multi cheese sauce.  Heart attack on a plate as the gal called it and I hesitated but I wanted something typical of this area.  So I ordered it and it was good but wont' be doing that again for a while!!! 

The state capital was interesting and as I checked in the girl asked where I was from and when I said where she said "I want to visit Saskatchewan".  Turns out she's a "Corner Gas Fan"!!!  

Just a little trivia...the name Kentucky comes from the Iroquoian Indian word Kentake which means "meadow land".  The building above was built in 1910. 

When I got back to town I was chilled so went to a local coffee shop (no chains for me if I can help it) called Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe and ordered a "Dirty Chai Latte" - which is a Chai Latte with espresso.  Oh yes!!! :)    I looked in a few shops; a book store and a beautiful shop that sold nothing but things made in Kentucky.  I got a Xmas pressie there but nothing for me....I may go back though if I have time. :) 

Back here and I have the heater going full blast.  A hot bath is up next and then down to the restaurant for dinner about 6:30.  I get 10% off from staying here and it's one of the best restaurants in town - I am going to have shrimp and grits!!!  With bourbon sauce!!!   And a glass of wine...:)  Then collapse in my honkin' big bed and have a good long sleep....she says hopefully!!! 

The people here are great.  So friendly.  All asking where I am from as it's not common for people to be wandering around Frankfort with a camera in late October. 

I hope to visit the Frankfort city museum tomorrow and perhaps do a Bourbon distillery tour (hick) and visit Rick's Hot White cafe for a late lunch - if I can fit it all in!!!! 

My bus tomorrow leaves at 4 p.m. but I will be taking a taxi out there this time if it's still raining.  Then tomorrow evening is Indianapolis for three nights. 

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