Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's just you and me kid!!

Well Casper's mommy is off to Florida.  I drove the car back from the metro station and its' safely parked in the garage.  (whew!)  I really don't like driving other people's cars.  Of course the traffic was nothing but I had to take my foot off the gas when I realized I was going almost 40 mph - NOT 40 km an hour!!!  One of those "oh shit" moments!!! 

Casper ate his breakfast and is happily having a nap.  After I have my breakfast it's walkies time!  Today is Casper day and I am staying in with him to spoil him and get him adjusted to life with just me. 

Last night we went out for stuffed spinach pizza which was really good.  There is one piece left over which will be lunch and then left over ribs for supper.  So a pretty lazy day for today I'd say except for walkies with Casper.  Reading, surfing the 'net and watching movies.  Probably my last restful day of the trip and then my inner tourist takes over and I will start exploring tomorrow.

Yesterday I got a half price ticket to see Million Dollar Quartet at the Apollo theatre.  It is the story of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash getting together for one evening in the mid 50's.  It is supposed to be excellent so I can't wait.  I will be going to the Wednesday afternoon matinee.

Here is my little friend!!! 

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