Sunday, October 7, 2012

Okay I am getting restless!

I am itching to get on the road.  Not that I don't have a good life here...I do - a very full busy one in fact.  However when you have wanderlust it's hard to stay in one place too long....(unless it's London of course!!!) Yesterday I got my toiletries together for the next trip - they are packed into my suitcase and in (the little plastic bag) my day pack.  When it comes to my travel life I am anally organized - the rest of my life?  Complete chaos!  I even have toiletries in a baggie ready for Cambodia....sun tan lotion - check, bug spray - check, antibiotics - check, etc. 

Monty the Greyhound is ready to hit the road!
I am a bit frustrated at the moment as I can't do any recreational walking.  I was out walking last Sunday at Regina Beach with my walking club and about km 14 my foot started hurting BADLY.  Luckily I had an appointment with my podiatrist (a miracle as I only go about every three months) so he taped up my foot and gave me strict instructions to not walk for a week.  Well rather hard to do when you don't have a car so I took that to mean no "fun" walking as in around the lake or anything longer than twenty minutes or so....I have lots of walking planned for this trip so my foot better behave itself so for that reason I am restraining's hard as walking is so much a part of my life.  I blew my wad and got a new pair of New Balance walking shoes.   They are black and ugly but so darn comfortable and have more support.  I love New Balance shoes for walking - I won't wear anything else now.(plug you think they will send me a free pair?  Nah...doubt it!!!)

I guess it's a good thing the trip to Victoria was cancelled as I would be due to take part in another half marathon today and that would be a real dilemma....dropping out of Surf City in February still hurts. I guess it's a beautiful weekend in Victoria...of course.  However it looks like things worked out for the best.

I will be in Indianapolis for their marathon expo...oh dear.. I love marathon expos and all the goodies they have there.  I resisted doing their half marathon as they have a pretty strict time limit for the first 10km anyway.  And reading the reviews the traffic control is horrendous and several people nearly got hit last year...being as I would be at the back of the pack it would probably be thanks.  And it's not on "the list". No I haven't started a program of doing a half marathon in every province or state - just doing a simple walk is enough for me!  However I do hope to do more half marathons and there are a few American ones I do want to do.  The Cincinnati Flying Pig,  Jackson, Mississippi Blues marathon, San Antonio Rock & Roll and more spring to mind!! 

My transport (aside from fly into Chicago and out of St. Louis) will involve Greyhound. Megabus and Amtrak.  The first bus trip (Chicago to Frankfort, Kentucky) has already been purchased as the cheaper rates are available three weeks ahead/   I have never traveled by train in the U.S. so my travels from Chicago down to Springfield and on to Jefferson City and St. Louis will be a first for me on the Amtrak system.  Should be interesting.  Jefferson City is only accessible by train and Springfield's bus depot is way out in the boonies whereas I can walk from the Amtrak station to my hotel.  I am excited to try Megabus as well.  (which works out to be cheaper than Greyhound) Wifi on board - woohoo!!! 

Anyway back to doing some trip research - google maps and google streetview are my friends!!!  

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!

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