Saturday, October 13, 2012

Photo of the Week

I have decided to do a Photo of the Week from my travels.  While I am traveling I will post a favourite shot (or two) and while I am at home it will be a surprise!  Either a shot of my home city or my far away travels.  Today is a shot from India which I visited in the winter of 07.   It was shot on the spur of the moment with my small Sony point and shoot (I do my "serious" shots with a Nikon D40 DSLR)  It just captures the spirit of India for me which are the people.   It was taken in the city of Kerali in northern India when we were just returning to our palace (yes we stayed in the Maharaja's palace - they are sometimes rented out to help pay for costly renovations) after a walking tour of the market area.  I loved the way the fellow was sitting on his stand and the beautiful smile of the man and woman behind him!  The Indian people really have such beautiful smiles!  I will be very sad indeed if my travels don't take me back to India one day.  Most people shudder when they think of India: the filth, the poverty, the beggars, the hoardes of people.  Yes it is all that but something much more that you can only understand once you've been there.  I love meeting people who have been to India (rare in my neck of the woods) as they "get" it.

Here is another shot I took in Varanasi (holy city on the Ganges) of a little girl selling flowers.  Instead of buying flowers we gave her money to take her picture.  I wonder what has become of her. 

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