Screech screech!!! Aaaaooooooooooooooo!!!!

Just back from the Haunted House and it was fun.  Dru drove us over to St. Pascal's school and luckily we got there early - they were having a reduced price tonight of $5 so it was going to be crowded.  We had to wait about 45 minutes before we actually got in but they kept moving us around to different places so it didn' get boring.  The Haunted House was in the basement of the school...a very old school....

Then it began....I let Dru lead as I am a chicken at heart and she had helped build the set years back so knew the set up - sort of.  All sorts of creatures of the night (as well as some scary clowns)  jumping out but of course she was the first one so got most of it. :)  However we had to duck down and walk under some pipes for a while and then walk through the middle of this sponge thing which was bizarre. What freaked me out was the total darkness at times - obviously I am a scaredy cat of the dark!!!  I know I am claustrophobic and I did feel everything closing in on me.  At one point I was in the lead and it was hard to know where to go.  Dru commented it was darker than it's been other years.   If I was a little kid I would have been screaming my head off I am sure - I think the kids behind me were braver than I would have been.   Or maybe my screaming was drowning theirs out - ha ha.  I wasn't quite that bad although a little bit of my "roller coaster language" was used especially when the guy with the chain saw jumped out at me at the end. 

Anyway great fun!!!  They did a really good job and no wonder they are rated one of the top Haunted Houses in Chicago.   I am so glad I went.  It is pouring out there now so I am glad we went when we did - no more walkies for Mr. Casper today but he shouldn't complain as he's had two.

 And here is a picture of me and my new boyfriend..rather handsome don't you think?