Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yes I FINALLY made it here.  I am typing this on my hide-a-bed at my airbnb "home".  Chris and Carolina, my hosts picked me up at the bus depot which was really sweet of them. 

I am sad tonight though as late this afternoon I learned of the passing of my Uncle Tony yesterday.  He was 92 and had had a wonderful life but it is still sad to know I will never see him again.  That is selfish I know.  He is out of pain and that is the main thing.  He was a sweetheart and a true English gentleman.  Very quiet and reserved and so intelligent...he was a very lovely man.  And boy will I miss him. 

This morning after a breakfast at the hotel I went to the Kentucky history musuem which was so good.  Really enjoyed it.  They also had an exhibition on the civil war and how families were torn apart as some were union supporters and others confederate.  Kentucky is on the border of being midwest and southern.  It is more southern than midwest  - trust me the accents are!  The fellow at the front desk was a hoot.  I really enjoyed the people in Kentucky - so friendly.  A young fellow was playing with his dog on the grounds of the Old State Capital and I was taking pictures and he asked me where I was from - he knew Saskatchewan was in the west.  I am impressed - more than most I have talked to here!!! 

I had a pulled pork sandwich for lunch at Melanie's as well as some cold sweet tea.  I walked around a bit and then back to the hotel.  I decided to take the bus and had phoned for instructions.  Well let's just say I got the instructions wrong and no bus came to where I was waiting.  Went back to the hotel in a bit of a state needless to say - to make a long sordid story short they had not cancelled my taxi for 3:30 so got that to the Walmart.  In the meantime I phoned the transit company back and asked again where it was - well then I figured it out.  She had said a shelter and I said like a pavillion and she said yes so I wandered over to a pavillion that had benches and places for vehicles to pull up.  WRONG.  Anyway all is well that ends well but I didn't think I was ever going to get out of Kentucky! 

I went into Walmart and being as the Customer Service line was long (I was going to see if they would store my luggage)  I decided to start wandering around with my luggage until security stopped me.  No one took a second was amazing.  Anyway got a few little things I had wanted to get with no one even batting an eye as I went through the check out with my luggage.  But's Walmart.

The bus arrived on time and he accepted my day over due bus ticket.  It was a good one hour ride and I had a whole seat to myself as the bus was nearly empty.  I am glad I went to Frankfort when I did as who knows how long the bus will run there.

Arrived into Louisville and had to pay ten dollars to change my ticket - cash no less - could not use credit.  Weird.   Oh well - my last Greyhound trip this time around.  It's Megabus/Amtrak from now on so we shall see what that brings.

I found out in Louisville that my uncle had passed so was a bit out of sorts there.  The bus left on time and got into Indianapolis early.  Chris texted me that they would pick me up which was so kind.  I really hate taking taxis at night in strange cities - I always feel I am going to get ripped off. 

They are a friendly couple and have a cat named Maks. 

I am in the living room but have privacy.  I hope I sleep well as have a big day of sightseeing and walking tomorrow.

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