A walk in the village

It was a full busy day today.  I woke up at 3 a.m. with hunger pangs - serves me right for not eating since 2 p.m....anyway I fell back to sleep eventually and got up at 8:30.  I could smell coffee and it was obviously on a timer as they were dead to the world.  I made the mistake of adding the vanilla soy milk to the coffee and nearly spit it out.  I could not handle it and dumped it and headed off without any breakfast.  My other option was soy milk - sorry, not my thing. 

I got the #4 bus and the bus driver could not figure out where I wanted to get off - I said my google maps says Livingstone and Pearl and he said there isn't one.  Guess what - the automated system cheerily announced Livingstone and Pearl.  When I walked into the Comfort Inn the gal at the desk said "you must want the walk box"  I said I guess I look like a walker and she affirmed that!!!  I signed in for the 10km German Village walk and off I went. 

It was an awesome walk - started off through the Brewery district then along the Scioto river on a fantastic pathway. 

Then into part of downtown and the State Capital.  Their dome is an interior one and the whole building did not impress me at all. 

I lucked out and arrived a couple of minutes before the building was due to open at 11 a.m.  By then I was gasping for a cup of coffee - I had an energy bar so was okay that way but I need my morning coffee.  I saw a Tim Hortons and thought oh no...but it had a line up too so avoided it thank goodness.  Timmy's is okay at home but not when I am on the road.  Anyway I carried on into the German Village area which was fantastic.  Cobble stone streets and charming homes. 

About half way through the walk I stopped at a bakery for a coffee and something you don't need to know about!!  I did get misplaced at one point - going right instead of left for some reason but found my way back.  It was an interesting well written walk.  I had planned on having lunch at the Schmidt Haus as it is famous in the area.  Well got there and it was packed but being one person I was able to sit at the bar.  I ordered bratwurst in a bun and warm German potato salad - very good!!!  They are famous for their cream puffs but they were huge and I knew there was no way I could manage one

.  Oh at one point a fellow went dashing by me and waved a paper at me and yelled "doing the walk"...uh...yes.  Obviously a local - he was going full speed so I was glad he didn't ask me to walk with him.  I took this walk nice and slow as I had no time limit at all. 

The walk went into Schiller Park which would be beautiful in the summer time - it has had various name changes - Schiller Park changed it's name during the World Wars needless to say.   On through the village and past a wonderful book store with 17 rooms!!!  I just explored a couple - it was pretty crowded being a Saturday afternoon. 

After finish up the walk I took the bus downtown not really knowing what I would do.  I decided to go to the Short North district so hopped the bus again (I had gotten a transit day pass) and got off and looked in the shops.  I went to Jeni's ice cream which is a local business that is starting to market nation wide.  I could not decide so split my order and had a tiny scoop of sweet potato with marshmallows and another one of Milk Chocolate.  They had a pear sorbet which I might have to try tomorrow - absolutely delicious!!! 

I loved the above murals that were in the Short North area.  It is the artsy area full of shops, galleries, restaurants, etc so it was fun to explore.  I ended up walking all the way back to the house which took about an hour...I had to go over to another street to get the bus and it wasn't brilliant.  As I was standing there I thought nope and went back to the street I had been on and carried on.  Tabitha has told me what bus to take back so now I know for tomorrow. 

After a short rest I headed over to have a late supper - went to the Taj Mahal and had a vegetable curry with garlic naan and a glass of wine.  Very nice.  The exciting bit was getting across the street - the pedestrian light was broken with no other traffic lights for blocks and there was a football game going on.  It was madness.  Luckily I made it across both ways in one piece - I walked with others and hoped they would get hit first. :)  Ohio State was playing and it was madness - everyone dressed in red.  Parties galore.  This is a university area although luckily a bit away from most of the off campus residences. 

After my laundry is done (Tabitha let me use her machines which was nice) it is BED TIME.  Tomorrow is another 10km walk - probably one that takes in a park and botanical garden. (not the best in early November but oh well!!)