Monday, November 5, 2012

A warm welcome in the home of Lincoln

Just a short post as it's been a long day.  After a big breakfast at Waffle House I got the bus to Chicago.  The Megabus was on time which worked out well as I had a connection to make.  It is funny to see the reaction of motorists as we cruise by as megabus uses double decker busses  Not a common sight on North American highways!!! 

I got the Amtrak and it was a good journey.  When I left the station here in Springfield I wasn't sure which way to proceed to my hotel so I asked a fellow who was putting luggage in his car with his family.  They couldn't figure out where the hotel would be but their son knew.  They offered me a lift so I took it - so kind of them.  It was about a mile.  I found out when I got here that there is a shuttle that would have picked me up.  So I will use it when I leave at noon on Wednesday. 

I was registered at a different hotel but changed as this is where the walk starts and thought it woudl be handier plus it's a few dollars cheaper.  It all helps!!! 

It is a nice hotel and I must admit it is a lovely indulgence after five nights of air bnb homes. 

My "smalls" are washed and I am sitting in my king sized bed watching TV - another guilty pleasure I missed for five nights!! (Tabitha never invited me to watch TV with them - she and her boyfriend spent hours in front of the TV with their laptops but more on that in another post) 

Breakfast here is provided and I was given a bunch of coupons for local restaurants so I shall peruse them and see what looks good.

The wifi connection here is slow so there might not be any pictures until I get home.

Looking forward to the 10km walk tomorrow and exploring the Abraham Lincoln museum in the afternoon. (when rain is expected) 

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