Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Awesome Abe

Today was a busy day being a Lincoln groupie.  After a so-so complimentary breakfast here I started off on the 11 km walk.  First stop was the Lincoln tomb.  Well actually there were three - the first one where he was emtombed for a couple of months then buried with his sons and then finally the huge tomb where he is interred with his wife and three sons. (geeze louise poor guy - glad I am being cremated!!!)  Very sad as he and his wife had four sons and lost three of them  - two in childhood and then one as a young adult (the last one after Lincoln had died).  His wife Mary went mad with grief. 

People rub his nose for luck - so I did too!!  

I made a quick stop at the State Capital but you weren't allowed to wander around without a tour and I didn't have time.  I must admit I am starting to get burnt out with state capitals - oh well only one more to go!!!   This one wasn't one of the better ones. 

I then carried on to the historical district.  I have to say the city was very quiet - turns out it was a state holiday due to the election today.  I stopped and visited Lincoln's house where he lived for about 15 years until he went to the White House.  He and his wife sold their furniture, stored a bit and rented it out - fully intending to return once his terms as president were over.  Well we know how that ended....His son sold the house to the government for a dollar on the condition that everyone would be allowed to see it for free.  Anyway I throughly enjoyed the guided tour of his home  and also learnt more about this complex man.  I also visited the exhibits in the house opposite.  They have made the surrounding blocks into an historic site which was great.  All the houses are restored on the outside and are office space for the government inside.

 At that point it started raining.  Fairly heavily.  So I scurried along to grab a quick soup for lunch to warm up and then on to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum which was great.  I spent close to three hours there and enjoyed every minute.  I am not the type to look at things in display cases - I get bored quickly.  This museum had a couple of great films and the displays were eye catching and interesting.  Definitely recommended. 

I had an early dinner and tried a horseshoe which is a local specialty - I also saw it in Ohio.  Basically the meat of your choice covered with french fries and loaded with a cheese sauce.  Once in a lifetime is enough....another 911 meal.  Healthy eating when I get home....oh brussel sprouts I hear you calling me....

An early night with the TV and doing some laundry- there are machines a few steps from my room so beats washing stuff out in the sink. 

Off to Jefferson City tomorrow!!! 

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