Goodbye Columbus!!!

Isn't that the name of a movie with Ali McGraw?  Hmmm...anyway my last day in Columbus.  It's been good but Columbus didn't grab me like Indianapolis did...I can't see me coming back but then again they do have a highly regarded marathon....never say never.  Oh how I have learned that!!!

My foot and knees let me know this morning that another walk was definitely not on.  Okay by me.  I did go to the start point of the walk and get both copies of the walk and see if I could possibly combine them but thought "nah...".  It was a cool dull day today.  I did follow a bit of the route around downtown a bit.  I met a rather strange fellow in front of the State Capital and he said "who are you voting for".  I said 'I can't vote, I'm Canadian".  He said "you are not" and I said "am so".  He then said "well Canada is only about four hours away"  - like that would make me be able to vote. :)  I said "well my part of Canada is further" so he said "Winnipeg" (which kind of impressed me actually)  I said no "Regina, Saskatchewan" and listened to him try to say it.  I then said "but if I could vote I'd vote for Obama" and he smiled and gave me the peace sign.  I love meeting characters like that.  Then I walked over to the Veterans Hall where they had the international festival.  It was 7 dollars to get in and it was okay...the entertainment was pretty good.  They sold ethnic food so I had a small piece of baklava for a dollar and that was it.  I did buy one item as a gift but that was it.  There were a lot of vendors hawking their wares that's for sure and others trying to collect for charity.  I felt bad refusing but I support my own charities at home.  I saw some young East Indian dancers and then a belly dancing club got on stage.  Most of the ladies were plus sizes and I must admit my first reaction was "well I don't look that bad at least" and then I was just amazed by their happiness and self confidence.  Awesome.  We women should celebrate our bodies the way they are and be happy as we are.  Some people behind me were snickering and I felt like saying "you get up there in front of an audience then".  I've heard belly dancing is really good exercise but the thought of me in a belly dancing costume...well it ain't a pretty thought but like I say some of those ladies were 250 to 300 plus pounds and just glowed with happiness.   Hmmmm....

Here is a view from outside the arena back towards downtown with Harleys in the foreground...

I walked across the road to COSI which is the Centre of Science and Industry - a Science Centre.  It also had 3D films which is what I went for - I was able to purchase just a film ticket so saw "Meerkats" which was just adorable.  I enjoyed every minute of it - I adore meerkats!!!  They have a matriach who runs the show and she is the only one allowed to get knocked up.  She banished one of her daughters who got pregnant by her brother (and they don't even live in Kentucky) - it had a happy ending as all the stress made Miss Bean (yes the film makers gave them names but don't worry they didn't do that thing making them talk - man I hate that) lose her babies so she appeared back in the fold with her family and all was forgiven.  I love happy endings!!! 

From there I walked a few blocks to get a bus to the Short North area again.  I looked in the shops and got another gift then on to Jeni's ice cream AGAIN...oh man it is so good.  It's made from all natural ingredients.  I once again split my order and had Poached Pear Reisling Sorbet and Spiced Pumpkin.  Oh my...

Of course this was dessert first so then I had to have dinner.  I finally made it to Surly Girl Saloon which Tabitha had recommended.   I had a Salty Wench drink which was vodka and pink grapefruit juice - it was the special - and it was pretty good.  Tabitha had recommend the Surly Girl pizza so I had it and OH MY GOD one of the best pizzas I've ever had.  Gorgonza, red onions, cranberries, pecans, three cheeses and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  The combination of salt and sweet...oh my my my.  Feast your was to die for. 

The Surly Girl saloon was really decorated for Hallowe'en. 

Above is the house I am staying at.  No one is home right now - not even the cats are bugging me.  Usually Domino and Jack come in to snoop around and sit on my lap.  Or twirl around my legs which I really really hate.

Tomorrow morning I take the megabus to Chicago and then the train to Springfield.  I have 45 minutes between bus and train and I have a feeling I will miss the train as I have found out Megabus tends to run will let me off right by the Amtrak station in Chicago so we shall see.  I will arrive into Springfield either late or very late so no blog posts tomorrow night!! 

Tuesday will see me doing the 10km walk and visiting the Lincoln musuem and in the evening rooting for Obama.  I am getting way too involved in this election and it's not even my country!!!