Sunday, November 11, 2012

Having a great time - have just been too tired by the time we get back to the room and the wifi here is slow.  I will post more this portion of the trip when I get home complete with pictures.  Yesterday we went up the arch - much more crowded than when I was there after the snowstorm of 08!!!  Then we did a paddlewheel steamer cruise on the Mississippi. Got a deal for both for $17.  Lovely weather in the mid 70's - had short sleeves (and capris)even on the boat.  Celebrated Pat's birthday at Lacrede's Landing with St Louis style ribs and margaritas!!! 

The day before we visited Forest Park and walked (and walked!) around the park and went to the zoo and saw the meerkats, penguins, puffins, etc.  Was great!!! 

This morning we are going to head off to the Hilton and dump our stuff then do a bit of exploring - cloudy but warm out there but rain later.

Will elaborate more with pictures when I get home but rest assured I am having fun!!!  NOT lookign forward to going back to snow and cold. 


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