Hilly Jefferson City

Hello from Jefferson City library.  I popped in here to take a bit of a rest - the hills here are killers - it is constantly up and down.  And guess who forgot her Aleve/Ibuprofin cocktail this morning?  Yep. Normally I would have my backpack with me so no problem as it's always in there but being as I had to check out I could not fathom lugging my netbook, etc. with me so it's all back at the hotel.  I just had lunch at a cafe downtown (beef dip in case anyone is interested)  and was looking in the shops.  Lots of independent stores which I love.  I treated myself to a pendant and a pair of earrings at an artisan shop of "nothing but made in Missouri" things.  It was crazy as I had asked him where a good place to eat was and then he asked me where I was from. When I said Saskatchewan, Canada. he said "Moose Jaw"!  Turns out he spent the night there once.  He said he couldn't remember exactly when he was there but he remembers the fields of yellow so I told him "canola" and he said "and no trees!!!"  I love interactions like this. 

The State Capital is beautiful on the outside - stunning actually and it helps that the sky is perfectly blue and sunny.  The inside of the building...not so much.  It is a very confusing building to put it mildly.  Kind of strange as this one had no security and I was wandering around with all the state employees.  Taking elevators and avoiding stairs gets you in all sorts of interesting places.  I toured the Missouri State museum in the state capital which was okay - sure wouldn't have wanted to pay for it.  There was a huge sculpture dedicated to Lewis and Clark along with their dog and guides at the side of the building and also a mini Statue of Liberty! 

The walk took me past the Governer's mansion which was open for tours but was just not in the mood.  It is an attractive building though. 

Next up will be a walk past the (now closed) jail and then through a neighbourhood to a green space that goes UNDER the highway.  Yay.  I have to cross a highway on a light (with a pedestrian green light) by the hotel and was half way across and realized a car was not stopping.  So I hopped backwards - he finally stopped but it scared the you know what out of me. I will have to do that intersection again when I walk to the railway station tonight.  I will have an ice cream at Capitol Dairy which is so famous it even features as a must see in the tourist guide book. (and not an advert)   I am afraid I won't be able to do the whole walk due to my knees but I will try.  I am seeing the best part anyway and that's the main thing. 

I will relax at the hotel a bit before working my way back to the railway station tonight - probably stopping off for a light meal on the way. 

I think I could manage the walk if it wasn't for the hills but they are constant and relentless - when you are a prairie chicken it's difficult!!!  Especially when you have arthritic knees and were such an airhead you forgot your meds!!!!