Thursday, November 1, 2012

Indy Rocks!

Well had an absolutely fabulous day.  I slept well on the hide-a-bed and Carolina fixed toast and cereal for breakfast.   I took the #3 bus downtown and walked to the White River tourist centre.  Signed up for the 11 km walk and off I went.  The White River State park is awesome - right in the city with musuems, a canal, river (of course!) and even a zoo.  I didn't make it to the zoo though.  The walk started off along the canal - who knew there was a canal in Indianapolis?  It was great.  My foot behaved itself for most of the walk and while the day started off cold it did warm up if you were in the sun and lovely blue sky. 

The walk took me past all of the important sights in Indianapolis including monuments, markets, the absolutely spectacular Indianapolis library (the most beautiful and biggest library I have ever been in - I would love to spend a day there!!!),  the heritage area of  Lockerbie Square which has cobblestones, the State Capital (must say not impressed compared to others I have seen).  One of the better walks I have done. 

After the walk I visited the State musuem which was okay but because I was tired from the walk I don't think I appreciated it as much as I would have if I'd done it another day. (the original plan!)  I had to try and do everything in one day.  Oh well, an excuse to come back right?  I still need to visit the History museum and well so many other things.  One day is not enough!!! 

I love the people here - so down to earth and friendly.  It was funny as I was day dreaming I guess and missed the green walk light when it came up and it showed up with a Red hand and so many seconds. I was tired and it didn't hit me I could go.  Well people turning left actually stopped and indicated for me to go (I was still on the sidewalk) - both lanes!!! - so that was certainly kind of them.  Never had that happen before.  In Regina you are lucky they don't run you down.  I do like the midwest!!! 

After that I went to the Marathon expo and I was so good - no new socks!!!  I did buy myself a ten dollar t-shirt though - all stock was on sale.  A nice light one that will be good for Cambodia.  (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it)  I always get such a breathless excited feeling when I walk into a marathon expo...almost made me wish I was doing the half marathon on Saturday,  I said ALMOST!!! 

Back on the bus and I got off too early but managed to find my way back just as Chris and Carolina were pulling up....turned out to be a good thing as I had a problem unlocking their door. 

They drove me out to Edward's (a drive in type place that supposedly has the best) to try a pork tenderloin sandwich which is kind of a hoosier (person who lives in Indiana) thing.  It was HUGE but good.  I treated as that's the least I could do - they have been so kind to me. 

They have a cat named Maks - a smoky grey cat with a beautiful coat.  As much as I am not a cat lover I do like this one.  Old Maks likes to drink out of the toilet bowl so you have to leave the lid up!!  They got him two years ago and he came with the habit and they can't break him of it.  He would die of thirst before he drank water out of a normal bowl!! 

The wifi is a bit wonky so can't post pictures right now but I will. 

Tomorrow afternoon it's off to Columbus.  Not sure what I will be doing in the morning. 

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