Last day in St Louis

Well I awoke with sore feet and hips but a smile on my face...we fought with the coffee maker (so much for the Hilton - talk about a crap coffee maker) and endured our "gooey butter cake".  Hey just because we were staying at the Hilton doesn't mean we could afford their expensive brekky!  We checked out of the hotel and left our luggage in storage and off we went to the Delmar Loop.

This is supposed to be one of the "top ten streets" in America.  Okay...the St Louis walk of fame was there so it was neat to see the different people who were from St Louis...Chuck Berry of course, Phyllis Diller, Buddy Epsen, Vincent Price, Charles Lindbergh to name a few.  We had to pose by the statue of Chuck Berry of course!!!

My dogs were barking pretty badly this morning I must admit but it was all for a good cause!!!  I tottered along bitching a little bit but Pat was patient with me!  Then we went for lunch at the Blueberry Hill cafe.   The meal was so so - the "steak sandwich" was not a steak like we thought but a Philly steak sandwich.  And they forgot Pat's peppers and onions (which were an extra charge) and she had to wait a while.  But the pop memorabilia and pictures of celebrities (including Paul!) that had been there were fun to see.  As long as you aren't going for a gourmet meal experience I'd recommend it as a fun place to eat or have a drink.

Back to the metro and Pat and I parted ways - she to the Museum of History (envy!!  oh well next time!) and me back to the hotel to get my gear and head off to the airport.

Flew back via Minneapolis on Delta and everything was fine.  Except for the bug I picked up on the plane...but we won't talk about that....all in all what a FAB-U-LOUS trip!!!  I enjoyed everything.  Highlights?  Sir Casper and Sir Paul of course!!!!  And maybe Sir Abe too!!!!