It was quite a busy day today.  The breakfast this morning was much better - scrambled eggs with ham in, hashbrowns, bagels, etc.  The coffee even tasted better!!!  

Check out time was noon so I was able to leave my stuff in the room and off I went to explore places I had missed yesterday.  The sun did show itself for a little bit and no rain so that was a bonus.  My first stop was the Old State House - beautiful on the outside and inside...

I then took a short tour of Lincoln's former law offices which overlooked the state house and heard some great anecdotes.  Apparently his former law partner said Abe used to use his top hat as a briefcase - put the papers in and on top of his head at the end of the day.  When he got home with three boys, a dog and various cats about the place papers invariably went missing and they were constantly asking clients to resubmit paperwork!!!!  We also got to hear about post offices in the days before stamps....very interesting...

Then it was on to the State Capital to get the picture of Abe Lincoln in front of the capital that I somehow had missed yesterday....

I then stopped and had a cappucino before heading back to the hotel to check out and get a lift to the Amtrak station.  The train was running about 40 minutes late but made up time and I was only 20 minutes late getting into St Louis so lots of time to get my connection to Jefferson City. 

I started walking from the train station in Jefferson City but somehow lost my google map - had instructions but when not all streets are marked it makes it a challenge.  I saw a fellow with luggage ahead of me so called out to him and he walked with me most of the way as his hotel was just a couple of blocks from mine.  The State Capital looked dazzling all lit up so that got me excited and he told me it's beautiful inside. (he used to live here)   I checked in and headed over for a meal at a restaurant the gal at the front desk recommended.  I had a salad - it had greens, feta cheese, cranberries, cherry tomatoes, croutons with balsamic vinegar dressing.   With pita bites on the side. Yes...I was craving something healthy.  Shocking isn't it.

On the way back in I got the walk box and pulled out what I though were two different walks but turned out to be two of the same!!!  I will get the box again at breakfast and sign in and make sure I get a different walk.  I am not sure which one I want to do.  It would be nice to combine the two if possible as I would like to see as much of Jefferson City as I can.  However my own version as not up to doing a 20 km walk!!! This is a "one night stand" - I am off to St Louis tomorrow evening on the 7:10 p.m. train.  That will be my last stop before heading home on Monday. 

It is supposed to be about 60 F tomorrow.  Yippee!!!