One more sleep and on the road again!

Off to Vancouver tomorrow evening....that certainly came up quickly but then again it was only 11 days between trips!!!  I staggered off to work and then rested at home the rest of the time with this stupid cold and 'touch of flu'.  I think I am okay now....she says hopefully. 

I am doing carry on for the trip out...the trip back? do plan a Bath and Body Works raid, a trip to Murchies tea and a visit to Purdy's chocolates let alone what other places I might get to. My wheelie carry on is pretty full already sad to say.  Despite all the traveling I am still far from the world's best packer.

No netbook this time so my backpack is much lighter however that means no blogging so will have to write up all my shenanigans when I get back. 

It looks to be a busy fun filled weekend - albeit a rainy day...oh well beats being up to my a** in snow here at home.