Photo of the Week

Well I've been neglecting this since I've been on vacation.  Today is a flashback to my trip to Hay River in the North West Territories.  Nancy Makepeace, president of the club in Hay River invited me up to visit so I took the bus from Edmonton with my friend Eilleen.  Back in 1973 I lived in Hay River for three months and worked for CN Telecommunications as a telephone operator.  Quite the experience....It was fun to revisit the old haunts 36 years later.  Nancy and Tom took me to see the old telephone office (closed a long time ago) , the apartment where I lived and the Old Town as well as two waterfalls (one pictured below) in Enterprise. 

Louise Falls

Great Slave Lake

Sunset over Great Slave Lake

Dump..I mean apartment building...where I used to live.  Party central!

Lovely fall colours on a walk