Friday, November 9, 2012

St Louis watch out!

Well arrived  here last night safe and sound.

After I stopped at the library yesterday in Jefferson City I carried on past the state prison musuem which unfortunately was closed - they do tours.  The ghoul in me would enjoy that.  A couple of high profile prisoners were there:  James Earl Ray, Sonny Liston, Pretty Boy Floyd and more.  I guess I could have gone by the side and seen where the gas chamber had been but I declined.

I carried on...up and down and up and down...sheesh.  The people who live in Jeff City (so it's called) must be in good shape!!!  I rewarded myself at Central Dairy with a double scoop of ice cream.  Man oh man for three dollars I got a bloody PINT of ice cream!!!  I never would have ordered two if I'd known it was that much but I got it finished!  It was good but not the best I've had - cherry vanilla and chocolate/nut go very well together by the way!!! 

Back to the hotel to rest for a bit then dragged my luggage up and down to the downtown area.  You don't want to know what I was saying!!!  Definitely not lady like language.  I stopped at Cafe Roma for a soup and a pumpkin chai latte.  Then headed down to the Amtrak station.  Everything was bang on time and in fact we got into St Louis early.  

As I was leaving the station I could see a metro train leaving but that was okay - I was opposite the Scottrade Centre and there was a huge sign saying "Welcome back Paul McCartney" and I shrieked out loud - I AM GOING TO SEE HIM!!!  Now that I am here it seems real.  And yes I know I've seen him a million times but it never gets old.  Paul and I both do..but the thrill never does. :) 

The metro trip took about half an hour and called the shuttle and they were there in ten minutes. 

So am just relaxing and working on stuff - Pat is due at the hotel in about two hours and the birthday fun begins.  Yes she is finally going to see Paul on her birthday. 

Next up adding pictures....

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