Walking frenzy in Vancouver

Well home eleven days and off on another adventure again.  Just as I like it!  Actually the morning after I arrived home from St Louis I woke up feeling like razor blades were going crazy in my throat.  Not good.  Luckily I had a day at home to relax and struggled off to work for the remaining three days of that week.  I spent the weekend relaxing instead of doing the fun stuff I had planned.  It was all worth it though as I felt pretty good for my weekend in Vancouver....my energy level was a bit down but I felt okay. 

I had to work on Friday so took an evening flight out.  I had planned to take the bus to work and then walk over to the airport as it's just across the (busy) road from the airport.  However Mother Nature had other plans and I ended up bumming a ride across the highway from someone at work.  The flights were good and I arrived into Vancouver on time.  I took the wonderful Skytrain from the airport to the Vancouver City Centre stop and walked five blocks to the Y hotel. I honestly can't recommend this place enough - very clean and modern and reasonable.  I had cheaped out and went for the shared bath down the hall but only ever encountered another person in there twice the whole weekend. (and caused a bit of excitement one time as the person hadn't put the latch on so it indicated "vacant" - I unlocked the door to much screeching!!)  Next time (as in previous visits) I would opt for the bathroom between rooms that you only share with one other person.  But I was feeling a bit 'guilty' about this trip so opted for the cheap room!

Saturday dawned and I walked down to White Spot for some breakfast.  I had the bacon and egg sandwich with these red smashed potatoes - hard to describe but they were good....check it out..

I called Verni from White Spot and we met up at the Running Room about 10 a.m.  Off we went for a 5 km walk in Stanley Park and the seawall.  Normally I do the 10km seawall walk but I wanted to baby my feet a bit and I had five walks to do that weekend to finish up a walking program.  (I am a walking geek amongst my other sins)   Here are some of the sights along the way...

Thunderbird totem pole

Totem poles - they have a much nicer setting now with a pond
 so the "rif raf' can't get in and do any damage

Seawall - as you can see it was wet from the day before but the sun soon came out.

Lumberman's Arch

Connie and Verni by replica of Asian ship

Me and the "lady looking for her glasses".
 After the walk we stopped at JJ Beans and had a coffee then signed in for the downtown 5 km walk and off we went.  We had a late lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory in GasTown (original settlement of Vancouver).  I had tortellini that came with bread, soup and ice cream for dessert.  (burp!)   Here are some photos along this walk...

Canada Place

In remembrance..

Statue of Gassy Jack
 We then carried on through downtown to a camera shop so I could have my Nikon looked at.  It was locking up and I was forced to use my point and shoot for the photos above.  The fellow reset the camera and I left hoping for the best.  Stopped off at the Pacific Centre mall where I made a quick trip to Bath and Body Works and fled in horror.  Too many people in that mall.  I did see some pretty Xmas tree displays though..

I decided to walk on a bridge to get a picture of a Paul McCartney sign and heard music playing.  I then realized it was Paul himself and it was a rehearsal. Screech!  It was a bit muffled but you could still hear the words if you knew what they were.   I started getting cold so decided to carry on to the movie theatre - I had wanted to see "Lincoln" and it was playing at the International Village cinema called "Tinsel Town" which was just a ten minute walk.  I was able to see it for free with my Scene card and it was fairly enjoyable.  A bit different than what I expected but of course now being an Abe groupie I had to see it!  I walked back to the hotel and Paul was still playing!!!  So I strolled over to a nearby coffee shop and got a latte to keep me warm and a pastry (supper) and sat on a bench outside BC Place and enjoyed an informal concert of "Don't Let the Sun Catch you Crying" (that's not his!), "C Moon" "Midnight Special", and others.  When the music finally stopped I crossed the street back to the hotel.  What a very special experience!!!  A very nice way to end the day.