Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend in St Louis Day three

Day three dawned with rain and rain it did...all day long....Pat still didn't have her ticket to see Paul so after breakfast we stayed in the room while she cruised the 'net and I relaxed.  We then checked out about noon and headed downtown.  We headed to the Hilton Hotel on Olive St.  Getting to and from the airport after the concert would just be too difficult so we wanted a place downtown.  The Hilton was once a bank - the Merchant Lacrede National Bank built in 1888.  How cool is that.  And check this out...yep the hotel shop and business centre are in old vaults!!! 

I don't normally stay in Hiltons and I must say as per usual the lobbies are elegant and the rooms are just okay but it was still a treat to stay in one.   We walked over to the Scottrade arena where Pat stayed and waited inline at the box office and I walked back to the hotel trying to find a restaurant on the way.  I did find a gourmet type grocery store - the kind I love and I picked up a few snackies including a butter cake which is a local speciality.  (we had it for brekky the next morning..shudder...way too sweet and rich!)   Back to the room to relax.  Pat came in later and managed to find a ticket online.  We then headed over to the grocery store where we had grilled sandwiches and then walked in the rain to the arena.

I was on the sixth row on the right side - I prefer the lower side right of the stage - my favourite place to be.  The concert was amazing as per usual.  What Paul concert isn't.  I have seen plenty and they are all special and amazing.  He really gives 1000% and while I bitch about the cost of the ticket (every time!) it is worth every damn penny. What can I say I will be a Macca fan until the day I die.  I plan another post about "Paul and me".  And to those who say I am a stalker I say "f*ck off"!  Trust me I am not.  What was my favourite?  Let's see:  "Live and Let Die", "Band on the Run", "Jet", "Sing the Changes" well it goes on and on.  During the 'slow' songs I would sit down and rest.  As luck would have it the people in the first five rows did not stand so I had a clear view with standing and dancing.  Everyone behind me was up and no, it wasn't because I was in the way.  I don't get people who go to a concert and want to sit.  Go to the damn symphony then!  (and at certain symphonies I've been known to boogy as well) You are at a rock concert people!  If I am paying $250 plus for a concert ticket I plan to stand and boogy.  I can sit and listen to the music at home.  And trust me the performers want you to stand and dance too.  I had losers beside me - one lady I am sure was off the Amish farm...yikes.  No expression whatsoever - I thought of all the fans who would have loved to have been in their seats.  On the other side a man and his son - the son was the fan obviously.  Once in a while the dad would lower himself to clap.  (loser!) Behind me was another story...they were wild.  Let's just say at the end of the show I had sore hips, sore feet and sore knees but I was very very happy!!!  Pat was sitting close by so we were able to hook up quickly after the concert and jabbered and laughed and blubbered to each other the whole way home.  It was Pat's birthday so I was thrilled for her that she got to see him on her birthday and he sang "Birthday"!!!  WHAT A NIGHT!!! I am thrilled to death that I have this pleasure in my life and have made so many friends because of Paul and the Beatles and have led such an interesting and extraordinary life. (if I say so myself!) All because of the man below...THANK YOU PAUL!!!

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