Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chaotic Kathmandu

For some reason I am feeling really nostalgic for Nepal and my wonderful trip there two years ago.  Two years ago on this date was riding elephants in Chitwan National Park...a definite highlight of my lifetime.

However today I bring you...Kathmandu!!!  Now Kathmandu is not one of my favourite places - in fact if I never see the city again I won't lose any sleep over it.  But it definitely was an experience and one I am grateful I had. Kathmandu is the biggest city in the country and one that all visitors to Nepal have to go through at some point whether they are on a trek or just sightseeing like I was.

To give you some background I was about to embark on a Discover Nepal tour however I arrived to discover I was the only one there!!!  All of the participants (including me) were flying from the UK where they had a horrific snowstorm that closed down Heathrow.  For some reason I decided to fly in a day early otherwise I probably would not be sitting here sharing this with you.  Out of 20 tour members only 4 of us made it..and it was touch and go on the other three.  I was told the tour would go ahead regardless with just me, the driver and the tour guide.  How much fun would that be?  (in retrospect maybe it would have been - the guide was kind of cute...)  In the meantime there were tours of Kathmandu booked and I was the only one!!  It turned out to be great fun.  My tour guide was a woman named Anchie and we had a great time together.  Click here for more information on this fantastic couple of days.    Here are some of the shots I took that day.  Enjoy!!!

I told you it was chaotic!!!

These school girls then took photos of me with their cellphones!!!

This "eye makeup" is put on small children to ward off evil spirits.

Holy Cows in Durbar (means "Palace") Square.

Sadhu - holy man.  I don't think this one was too holy. 

A few seconds later these monkeys had a fight and this girl ran for it!

Momos...a Nepalese snack that I fell in love with.  Dumplings with chicken or veggies in them with a spicy sauce.

In "Little Tibet" - I bought one of these and it proudly hangs in my front hallway.

View of "Little Tibet".

Rolling prayer wheels at the Bodhnath Stupa. 


Bodhnath Stupa.

Bodhnath Stupa with Buddha's eyes

Stray dog by Bodhnath Stupa - I have a blow up of this on my wall.

Temple of Pashupatinath - holiest shrine in Nepal where dead are cremated. 
My three travel companions finally showed up and off we went to "discover Nepal". 

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