Destination of the Week

A few months back I decided to do a "photo of the week" post.  Well as we all know that hasn't worked out too well.  So I have decided to do a "destination of the week" which will highlight a city, town (or in this case, island) that I have visited on my travels.  This will be done during my "resting" time only. 

Today we will visit Taquile Island which is on Lake Titicaca in Peru - 45 km from the town of Puno on the main land.  About 2200 people live here. There are no dogs or cats on this don't want to know why...I visited here in May of 2006 on an Explore! tour of Peru.  We spent the night in a villa on the island - there is no electricity on this island (solar panels)  nor any cars or motorized vehicles of any kind.  People live a very simple life and have a community of sharing.  Tourists are housed overnight in simple villas with meals provided in the main square.  

On arrival on the island we walked up a steep hill to our villa - me huffing and puffing as I had a terrible cold and with the high altitude it was not a good combination.  Upon arrival there was a walk up to a school to see the children and view the sunset.  I was terribly upset over missing it being I knew I could not do it.  I found out I did not miss a thing - the children were off school and it was too cloudy for a decent sunset.  (yay - selfish old me was happy! )

I walked over to the main square to explore on my own,visit the local craft shop and then meet the rest of the group at the restaurant for dinner.

School girls looking at some Saskatchewan postcards  I had given them.

The toilet outside the restaurant - not good when you have bad knees!

Our dinner entertainment
 It was the quietest night I have ever had in my barking dogs, no street noises, no motor was surreal and surprisingly I didn't sleep well at all.  Much too quiet!
Me outside my door in the villa. 

View from the villa
In the morning we went to a cafe for traditional pancakes then back to the villa where the fellow below arrived with his wife to show us their wares.  
Fellow knitting Peruvian hats - the men do the handiwork on this island!! 

I bought the blue hat!! 

Walk down to the villa after breakfast. 

This is the loo - I had to walk along this path during my nocturnal 'pee break'.  
Walking the 525 steps down to the boat. 


Mo said…
Thanks for the tour. I'd love to visit.
Laurie said…
Hi Mo - yes it's well worth a visit.