Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last Day

Up early once again. I checked out and the Y stored my luggage for me. Verni had told me about a restaurant called Elbow Room which has good food but they insult you.  Being as I love different things I decided to try it this morning so walked over to the West End and down Davie Street.  It was a very unobtrusive place and I nearly missed it.  I am sure glad I didn't.  I ordered the Big Ben breakfast and oh my my...English sausage, sauteed tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, bacon and cranberry sourdough toast....The waiter was friendly and he was off to Mexico and Belize so we had a long discussion about travel  (and yes, i did go and get my second cup of coffee from the urn!).  I asked why he hadn't insulted me and he said it was too early - his coffee doesn't kick in until 10 a.m.  I didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved!!!

One of the best breakfasts I've ever had....I want to stick my fork into this picture and eat it all over again!
Fully sated I then walked over to the ocean and walked along the beach.  Bliss!!!  I ran into this duo - the doggie (named Fella) actually catches sand.  His master told me he spits most of it out.  He barked impatiently at me so I had to throw him some too!!!! 

I walked along the beach and then the path just inhaling the fantastic sea air...oh I am such a misplaced ocean child that it's not even funny!!! 

As you can see it was cloudier today.  However I had such a beautiful weekend I was thrilled beyond belief as I had expected the nonstop rain that had been predicted originally.

I then walked back to the Y,got my luggage and headed off to Richmond to meet my friend Darlene.  The skytrain breaks off at one point and one way goes to Richmond and the other to the airport.  I got some curious looks from others on the skytrain when I stayed on to go to Richmond but nobody told me "you're going the wrong way"!!!  I got off at the end of the line at Richmond Centre and Darlene was there to greet me.  We looked around the Richmond Centre a bit - Bath and Body Works!!  Purdys!!!  We then drove back to Darlenes where we had a good visit catching up on all the news.  We have been penpals since 1967 - isn't that incredible.  Well we are more than penpals - we are friends and have met on many occasions now.

We then went out to eat at the Hog Shack in Steveston where Darlene lives.  I ordered the beef brisket which was really good but so much food!!!  Darlene then drove me to the airport.  Alas... my wonderful weekend was over!!  Vancouver, not only are you a mover and a groover but I must visit you much more often!

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