Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sore feet that took me where I wanted to go

Iwoke up with sore feet from the concert - as per usual.  I had already decided two 5 km walks would be enough.  Under normal circumstances I probably would have tried for a 10 k and a 5 k but between the concert the night before and ongoing foot problems I decided to play it safe.

I started off the day by taking the bus down Granville St. and had coffee and a big honkin' cinnamon bun at a coffee shop whose name escapes me now but one I must visit again. I do love coffee shops.  It was funny as they were playing Christmas music which I thought was early for November 26th.  I mentioned to the barista that it's going to be a long month with the music on already and she rolled her eyes and said "you have no idea"!!!  Then I walked over to Tilleys' where I was meeting Connie to do a couple of walks.  After signing in for the walk we then walked over to the Running Room and signed in for another walk.  Then we set off for the Shaughnessy area.  What a wonderful area.  This is a new walk and very enjoyable.  Just as we were starting off a lady asked us where we were as she could see us holding the maps.  Turns out she worked at the University Women's Club so offered to let us see it as we were walking past.  First we toured the grounds which were lovely and then we went inside the building which was beautiful!!!

The garden

I can visualize myself with a cup of tea and a book sitting by the fire!


The exterior of the University Women's club
We then carried on walking through the lovely (huge) houses in the Shaughnessy area - beautiful classic homes. A very pleasant walk.

One of the many beautiful homes.

I just couldn't resist!!!  This was at the end of the walk.

This walk had been 5 km and then we set off for the next 5 km walk which would take us to Granville Island...and lunch!!!  But first we saw this lovely sculpture of Emily Carr.

The walk to Granville Island was incredibly boring until we got to the waterfront and that was quite lovely..I will just let the pictures describe it. 

We walked along the  path with this view beside us into the Granville Island market.  We stopped at Tony's fish and chips for lunch and we both had the lunch special which was a small bowl of clam chowder, one piece of fish and chips.  And Connie absolutely insisted on buying us each a glass of wine - how could I say no?  I was living in fear Iwas going to have a "dry" weekend but luckily my fears were unfounded!!!

Here is lunch:

Not the best fish and chips I've had but still delicious!

We then walked around the food market and luckily I was still full from lunch!!!  I drooled over the fresh pasta counter but thought no I can't bring it home forgetting I had a fridge in my room.  Duh...oh well.  I do love markets and this was a good one.  We looked in a few shops - well I must confess the first shop we looked into I made a split second decision to buy a Swatch.  It is designed with brightly coloured stripes and is so cute.  I love it.  It makes me smile just looking at it so how could I resist - that and the glass of wine melted my usual indecisiveness when it comes to spending a fair chunk of change.  Although I must say Swatches aren't much more money than they were when I started buying them back in the 80's.   We then walked along a path on the island and what do I see but this...

I swear I saw this crew when I was on Granville Island last year - I mean how many people have six afghans!!! Yikes!!

We then headed back and at Granville Bridge Connie and I said our goodbyes.  I headed back to Tilleys' where I bought a few travel goodies including a plastic packing cube which I can't seem to find.  (shakes head...)  I took the bus to Mountain Equipment Co-op and was able to return some pants I had ordered on line. I looked at different travel supplies - like I've said before sports stores get me excited.  I phoned Verni and we arranged to meet at the Cambie metro station.  We then went to the Mongolie Grill for supper which was good.   We then walked across the Cambie Bridge - wasn't sure how my feet wouldlike it but they were fine and I was so glad we walked as it was beautiful with the lights and Verni showed me where the Olympic athletes village was amongst other things.  I was so lucky to have my two of my very own personal Vancouver tour guides!!!  Thanks Verni and Connie!!!

Back to the hotel for a well deserved rest after a wonderful day. 

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