Monday, December 31, 2012

Sixty new travel experiences the year I turned 60! Part 1

Okay guys I am winging this as I go...a list maker I am NOT.  And remember my list, my rules....:)  And sad to say I am reading my blog to remember what I did...

1)  Lived in a Paris flat...if only for a few days...despite freezing my ass off, being locked out of the flat due to an insane lock system & the neighbours above throwing bowling balls all day long it was a good experience...would I do it again?  Knowing me...yes.  But maybe a different place. 

2)  Made my first phone call on an iphone - little knowing that a few months later I would have one of my own. (hey, like I said - my blog, my rules!!)

3)  Bought my first pair of thongs at M & S in London..and I don't mean the kind you wear on your feet.  The sad part is I haven't worn them yet...waiting for the..ahem..appropriate time....(which may be a LONG time!)

4) Saw the play "Backbeat" - about the Beatles time in Hamburg, Germany.  Quite graphic - I am pretty certain my hair stood on end at one point. 

5)  At Borough market I had a cup of soup with parsnips, brussel sprouts, carrot and onions with grated chestnuts on top.  Well...have you had soup with brussel sprouts in it?  It hit the spot on  a cold day.

6)  Visited the M & M store in London and go to walk on Abbey Road with the M & M guys.

Okay I'm not really that fat - I layer - honest!!! 

7)  Saw the play "The Railway Children" at Waterloo station with a real steam train!!!

8)  Had a variety of momos at the market on Brick Lane - I've had momos before but not a VARIETY...

Pork, chicken, veggie and lamb....slurp.  Oh momos how I do love you, let me count the ways....

9)  Walked along the union canal from Camden Lock to Kings Cross and then visited the Canal Museum.  I hope one day to walk the whole thing but that won't be on a winter holiday!

10)  Visited the Sir John Soanes museum in Holborn....creepy!!!! 

11)  Got to see a Harris Hawk up close and found out he was gainfully employed!!!

12)  Met the cheekiest squirrel in London!

Too cute!!!
Talk about a brown noser! 

13)  Visited the Clink Museum of London - oldest prison and why prisons are called "The Clink"  Lots of different forms of torture...yikes.   I will spare you the pictures. 

14)  Had my first lamb and mint pie - at Pieminister at Borough Market.  Oh yum!!!  They have all sorts of delicious pies and I hope to work my way through all of them eventually. 

15)  Visited the Docklands museum at Canary Wharf - as the British say...brilliant!!!  A very interesting museum highlighting London's history mostly pertaining to the River Thames. Well worth a visit. (and it's free!)

16)  Fell in love with Laguna Beach!

17)   Saw my first Laguna Beach sunset

18)  Learned about the sex lives of dolphins...they make love for fun not just to procreate - no wonder they have those cute little smiles on their faces!!!

19)   Hung out in Surf City, USA - Huntington Beach.  I was here briefly in 1983 but this year I was always stopping off and walking along the beach...and watching surfers...

20)  Saw a sunset in Huntington Beach - has to be seen to be believed...those California west coast sunsets are something else. 

21)   Visited Crystal Cove State Park...

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