Friday, December 14, 2012

We all live in a Yellow Submarine!!!

Well I will anyway...for three nights in Singapore.  I have booked the Yellow Submarine room at the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore on my way back to Canada.  I agonized over which hotel to book and the crazy part was this one wasn't even in the running.  I had seen this hotel on another blog and thought "wow, love it but it's beyond my budget".  However in a city where private rooms in hostels and YWCA run well over $100 all of a sudden this hotel didn't seem so bad.  I opted for a capsule room which is the cheapest but just had to pay the extra ten Singapore dollars to stay in this room.  Do you think I will need to wear my sun glasses?  Well it beats the red room or purple room! Atlhough you can't see it in this picture it says "The Beatles Yellow Submarine" above the bed.  Well once I saw that I had to stay in it!!! 

Yes that is a bathtub in the old fashioned tub, .it also comes with a nespresso machine, an ipod docking station and stereo, high quality bath and soap products and a "help yourself it's free" mini bar full of water and pop which is replenished daily.  Oh yes and a buffet breakfast.  This is the kind of room you stay in alone or with someone you know VERY well! Note the glassed in shower by the bed and the toilet in the middle of the room!   The rest of the hotel is decorated similarly.  I am staying on the cheapest floor needless to say. As you know I travel on a budget so this will be a splurge for me.  No free rooms for me for raving about their hotel...not that I'd turn that down you mind you. :)

Here is a link to the hotel website... I am hoping waking up in this hotel will provide a cheery ending to the holiday as I know I will be having the "oh no I have to go back to the ice and cold and pay off this trip" blues about then.  I chose to stay here at the end of the trip...note the platform to the bed.  Not a good idea after 24 hours of traveling!!!  I could see me getting up in the middle of the night and doing a header into the side of the shower....

Need I add that I am getting very excited about this trip....33 more sleeps. :) 

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