Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A quickie from Battambang

Just arrived here in Battambang and have spent my spare hour washing out undies and nursing my blister.  Yes I got a blister - I walked over to the Royal Palace yesterday in just my birkies as my feet were so hot from being in shoes in the morning.  It is across the street from the hotel but the entrance is quite far.  And then there is the walking around...what a magnificent place.  Wow wow wow.   Alas I won't be able to post the pictures until I get home probably. 

The bus ride up here was LONG and I was in the suicide seat - fun and games.   We were on a public bus and the driver was really good but he honked and honked and honked.  At every motorbike even though they could see him he honked - twice.  I almost had a headache by the end.  I will never sit at the front again.  (I only did it to let couples sit together)  I couldn't even read as I got nauseous from all the twisting and turning around potholes.  Yikes.

Now we are off for a countryside tour in tuk tuks and then on a bamboo train.  Busy busy.  Must be off or I will be late to the party.  Drinks on the roof after then dinner. 

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