Monday, January 28, 2013

Checking in from the river lodge

Right now we are staying at the Natural Bungalows in Kampot.  Very nice.  Tonight we had drinks and dinner on a deck overlooking the river.  The food was delicious but the service was so slow it was pathetic.  I was the first one served and I had to wait until the last one finished eating...very painful.  I had fish and chips - made from local fish.  My first western dish since I got here but just wanted something different. 

Last night we were at the home stay - oh lordy lordy.  I will have some good stories to tell about that one.  The fellow who hosted us was lovely and so was his family but sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor in the same room with 12 other people (separated by curtains with two behind each curtain) with the loo down some steep stairs outside was not my idea of a fun time.  Add dogs barking with another dog howling backup for a long time and then a cat yowling.  I got the giggles and then someone farted and oh my I laughed out loud and had to hold my hand over my mouth to stifle my sorts of laughter.  All that laughing made me want to pee again and oh the night went on and on.  Of course I slept as I snored so Tedagh had to put up with me.  I can't believe I slept as it sure did't fee like it  but obviously I did. A very long night.  But it was interesting to stay with a local family and see how they live. (glad I am a spoiled North American)

So I am hitting the hay right after this.

Tomorrow is a full day.  Touring a salt plantation, pepper plant, touring some caves (will pass on that...500 plus steps to one and the other one is listed as treachorous in the Lonely Planet) and then a seafood lunch and time at the beach in Kep. And then a sunset boat trip.  The tour is winding down, I will leave Friday morning and make my way to Kep for six nights.  That is when you will get some long stories and hopefully lots of pictures.  Fingers crossed it is a strong wifi connection as I will have plenty of time. I usually don't get back to the room until 8:30 or 9 and first priority is to backup my photos. 

"Talk" to you tomorrow hopefully!!!! 

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