Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cricket's revenge?

Well I admit it - yesterday I ate a cricket.  It was crunchy and like a charcoal potato chip.  Would I have another one?  No.  However I do like to try new things.  I also tried eating a tarantula's leg but yuck - spit it out. 

Instead of Montezuma's revenge I will just call it revenge of the crickets.  Immodim to the rescue.  So After a morning of touring a salt field, a pepper plantation, visiting a temple (while the others explored a cave with bats...yep sign me up..had a bat roommate for one day - that was enough thank you), a seafood meal (provided) at the crab market in Kep and a few visits to the crapper I am resting this afternoon.  We have a sunset cruise along the river in 45 minutes but I won't be going.  It is good to relax though - even the 19 year olds in the group are getting tired.  I am sitting in bed with the a/c going full blast. 

Illness has been going around the group and while I am a bit busy at one end luckily I haven't been sick.  Tomorrow is a travel day - down to Sihanoukville - so want to feel okay for that.  The restaurant is excellent here although as I mentioned earlier terribly slow service.  Something bland for me tonight.

This morning I had a wonderful fruit salad - then the fun began....not out of control but just enough to be inconvenient. 

Ah well...this is what happens when you travel in these parts and I am just grateful it is not worse. 

Anyway there are worse places to be indisposed...check where I am staying out.

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