Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello from Cambodia!

I thought I had better check in and let everyone know I am alive.  This will be a short post as I am not tethered to a plug in (and I hope to heck I have the right plug adapter with me - the three prong one is hanging off the wall so didn't want to try it!) plus the wifi is not very strong.

Tiger Airways was awesome and got me here on time.  I am too tired to post anything meaningful - I have not had a full night's sleep since I arrived in this part of the world.  Last night it was a damn dog barking all night.  They were overbooked in the hotel we were supposed to be in so a lucky few of us got dumped into this dump....not too happy but oh well.  Only one night.  But a pain as well for having to repack everything. 

The group seems good.  We went out for a good dinner last night - I had the national dish which was amok.  Fish cooked in spices and coconut sauce which was very tasty.  My travel agent Bernice had recommended it so I mentioned that and a few tried it and enjoyed it.  It was happy hour so I had a half price Mango Kamakaze.  (yum!)  Meal with drink and a bottle of water came to less than $9 and this place was touristy - the food here is cheap. 

Yesterday after I got in I walked across the street (literally!) to the National musuem which was very interesting.  I enjoyed the gardens and building more though.  I hope to visit the Silver Pagoda in the Royal Palace which is across the road this afternoon - I had thought the whole thing was closed as they are working on it for the King's funeral in early |Feb. (he died in November but has been lying in state)  

This morning will be the killing fields and the genocide museum which will be horrific and upsetting but it is all part of understanding Cambodia.  Speaking of which I sat beside an interesting gentleman on the plane yesterday and I will tell you about him in a different post.  It is one thing to read about it (and I have read many books on the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror) but to meet someone who was affected...

I also walked by the river yesterday - crossing the road was "interesting".  A cop helped me across one way and then I walked with another couple of tourists back across.  (I ran like hell when I saw they were trying to cross as safety in numbers)  Motor bikes everywhere!!!  I would like to take a sunset cruise on the river but not sure anyone else is interested and not keen on doing it myself. 

More later!!

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