Friday, January 18, 2013

Rain rain go away

The forecast for today is rain, rain and heavy rain.  Now I don't mind rain but heavy rain is kind of an inconvenience.  Oh well it is what makes Singapore so green and lush.....

Last night I wandered around the food court beside the hotel and nothing appealed so I came back to the hostel restaurant and  Now it wasn't any ordinary kind of was pepper crab pizza with onions and mozza.  Very good.  First time I've had crab pizza.  And then I had to have a Singapore Sling in Singapore.  An expensive little sucker but it was good.  I opted to sit outside as it had cooled off a tad so it was very pleasant.  The waitress put my first pizza down on the table and it slid off the wooden pizza tray so they had to do another one.  That was fine - I was in no hurry.  I enjoyed the meal thoroughly but it's back to food court/hawker food today.   I was hoping to go to China town tonight but guess it depends on the weather.  Rain was forecast for yesterday and so it did but not until the mid afternoon.  However it's raining now so it could be an all day thing.  Oh well no sense worrying about the weather.  It will still be warm...and obviously VERY humid. 

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