Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Riding the rails

The countryside tour yesterday was fun.  We went in tuk tuks (basically motorbikes pulling a small carriage) and visited a few locally owned businesses.   First stop was a family business that makes the rice paper for spring rolls, next was a place that makes face paste (ewwww...stinky!) and then a place that makes bamboo sticks with sticky rice in.  Yum yum.  I bought two - had one for brekky this morning and one will be my lunch tomorrow.   The bamboo train ride was fun - we will be among the last of the tourists to ride it as they will be rebuilding their rail network with the help of the Australian government.  It had the sh*t bombed out of it thanks to the Khmer Rouge.  The bamboo train was flat beds made from...you guessed it...bamboo.  We were going quite fast at one point. Fun!!  We turned around on a bridge and watched the sunset.  Luckily we had enough people on our car that we didn't have to get off - the rule is when two cars meet the one with the least people on it has to get off and it's distmantled. 

Anyway back to our hotel on the tuk tuk and then back on after a quick wash up to go for dinner.  We went to a local place and the total cost for my fried rice with veggies (I had ordered fried noodles but they got it wrong but that's okay - it was good) and a coke was three dollars.  Can't beat that.  A tiring day for sure.

My shower this morning was interesting once I worked out there was a shower head for cold and a shower head for hot.  Also no designated shower area - just the whole bathroom!  So things got a bit wet however the floor is perfectly dry now.  I've had these type of showers before and this one is the fastest for draining I've ever had.  Hey if I wanted normal I would have stayed at home or gone to an all inclusive.  This morning breakfast on the roof - I had eaten my sticky rice but knew we will be walking this morning so had musli with yogurt and fresh fruit.  Very tasty!!!  And some really strong coffee which was good.

It was nice and cool this morning which was nice as it will no doubt be getting hotter as the day goes on.

This morning is a visit to a traditional old Cambodian home as well as a visit to the killing caves whatever they are.   Then hopefully a cooking class this afternoon  what we cook will be dinner so hope I do a decent job!!!

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