Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sixty new travel experiences the year I turned 60 Part 2

22)  Visited Newport Beach!!! Shared the beautiful sunset with a dog and cat who seemed to enjoy it too. (or maybe it was the surfer dude they were appreciating) 

23)  Stayed at the wonderful Art Hotel (nice cheap winter rates) in Laguna Beach - Laguna Beach, I really really love you!!! 

 24)  Had a wonderful dinner at the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach.  Skewers of shrimp and scallops.  I could dig my fork into this picture and eat it all over again. 

25)  Visited the Bolca Chica Wetlands north of Huntington Beach (kind of boring actually...and I was a bit paranoid of seeing a snake..)

 26)  Took the #1 OCTA bus up and down the Pacific Coast Highway - and I would do it again!!!  Not too many people use public transit in Southern California.  I did, lived to tell the tale and enjoyed it!!! 

27)  I went to Southern California and I didn't go to Disneyland or any other theme park - been there, done that twice and no ambition to go again...

28)  Paul McCartney was within 100 miles of me getting his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and I didn't go to see him - that's a first!!!

29)   Texas...for the first time!!! (unless you count taking about five steps from one bus to the other in Dallas in 2010 - I don't) 

 0)   Enjoying waiting for my luggage in Austin airport (the MOST awesome airport in the US) because I was looking at about cool!!!! 

31)  Attended my first wine/beer and full course meal optional movie at the Alamo Drafthouse which was just around the corner from my airbnb home.  I HAD to order a glass of wine just because I could...but knew I would be eating out later so had just popcorn.  Wine and popcorn - strange combo I know....I saw "Tailor, Tinker, Soldier, Spy" - hard to follow and won't go down as a favourite but I confess I went to see it because of Colin (yum yum) Firth!!!

32)   Visited the Bob Bullock Texas History museum  - wow wow wow.  Had a blast at the Spirit of Texas film theatre - the illusion of snakes striking at you  from under your seat and scaring the shit out of you anyone?  

33)   Paid homage at the Whole Foods flagship store in Austin - oh my my my (insert Texas accent)  can I just move in?  

34)   Visited the Austin state capital, walked along Lady Bird Lake to Barton Springs Pool.  People swim in the pool year round. 

35)   Marveled at the quirkiness of Austin - a enclave of liberalism in a red neck state.  A return trip is in my future someday!!! Perhaps the Austin half marathon?  Any excuse to go back!!! 

36)  Walked the Ottawa half marathon - it's been on my bucket list for a long time.  What an awesome race!!! 

37)  Visited Montpelier, the state capital of Vermont.  The 23rd state capital I have walked in the U.S.  

38)  Stayed in Burlington, Vermont - now this little city I liked.  Quaint downtown with great shops and restaurants, situated on a beautiful lake and a huge Ben and Jerry's store.  What's not to like?

39)  Had a maple creemee - soft ice cream infused with Maple Syrup.  A Vermont specialty...OMG - I might have to go back to Vermont just to have another one....

40)  First trip to Vermont!!!!  (I knew I took these license plate pictures for a reason...) 

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